Where Do We Paddle

We are members of the Italian sailing association (Lega Navale Italiana). As our branch (Sezione di Firenze-Prato) is based in Florence, it misses the main element for sea kayaking: the see.

Therefore, we make a virtue of necessity and even take advantage of that, by expanding our paddling area to as far places as we or our guests like, according to weather conditions and logistic situations.


Our Favourite Base

Preferably, we count on the hospitality of the Piombino branch (Sezione di Piombino) of the association, as their premises lay just fifty metres inland of a beautiful and suitable bay, while they offer their facilities, such as kayak storing, showers and bathrooms.

The meeting point for this base is the Salivoli-beach car park (Parcheggio della spiaggia di Salivoli, should you need to say this in Italian), at the following address:

Via Marina di Salivoli
57025 Piombino LI


By car

Set sat-nav destination to 42°56'00''N 010°30'28''E equivalent to 42°56.000'N 10°30.467'E.

By plane

Nearest large airports are Pisa, Florence and Bologna, while Grosseto hosts scheduled flights only on occasions.

By train

Nearest well-linked railway stations are San Vincenzo, Venturina and Follonica; rarely Piombino, that is the municipality this place belongs to. Local bus services and/or taxis are available from those stations, but plan carefully!

By coach

From major or nearest towns.


More Places

The Mediterranean Sea is a nice place for voyaging in fair weather conditions for many days in a year, including the coldest months.

We can organize expeditions, courses and events everywhere around Tuscany and much further than this, bringing kayaks and equipment to suitable areas according to the preferences of participants and the expected wind and sea conditions.

Also, we use to take part in national or local kayaker gatherings and events set up by fellow coaches and guides from the large community of paddlers.

Let explore the coast and have fun together!